Vassoio esagono

Vassoio esagono
Vassoio esagono
  • Skin Oro Skin Oro
  • Avana Avana
  • Matelasse' Azzurro Matelasse' Azzurro Matelasse' Azzurro
  • Matelasse' nudo Matelasse' nudo
  • Matelasse' cuoio Matelasse' cuoio
  • Matelassè Rosa Matelassè Rosa
  • Matelassè Verdino Matelassè Verdino
  • Harmonies Harmonies
  • Lino Rosso Lino Rosso


Cardboard container, for the packaging of food and wine products or for the display of miscellaneous objects and items.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
290 mm 230 mm 85 mm 30 37462
380 mm 300 mm 100 mm 30 37463

Environmental labels

Symbol Code Description Disposal
PAP20 Corrugated cardboard