The Headquarters

Since time immemorial, the Scotton family's ties with its roots and affection for the territory have always distinguished the company's activity, which finds in its own family character the compelling drive towards international success. The cornerstones of a constantly expanding entrepreneurial path, respecting coherence and continuity. From these pivot points has stemmed the natural choice to found our  premises, inaugurated in 2011, in the striking scenario of the Treviso hills, on the slopes of Monte Grappa. Currently, Scotton Spa is a company with a commercial and logistic organisation serving the entire world: we have 3000 customers in Italy and 1600 in 36 countries worldwide. 


Ever since its foundation, in 1974, constant company expansion and growing achievements on the markets mark Scotton's activities, witnessing to a development path devoted to the quality, innovation and excellence of the productive process. Experience, experimentation and avant-garde technology represent not only the cornerstones of the company philosophy, but also the driving forces behind the Scotton success, key player on the international scene for its wide range of products and high qualitative standards.

Green company

Among the cornerstones of the company growth, sustainable development also focuses on environmental sensitivity, with a new photovoltaic system that aims at covering the greater part of its energy requirement from a renewable source. An ecological choice coherent with the whole architectural project of the new headquarters, characterised by its harmonious dialogue with the surrounding landscape.