Busta c/finestra cuore

Busta c/finestra cuore
Busta c/finestra cuore
  • Fibra Bianco Fibra Bianco
  • White White
  • Avana Avana
  • Matelassè Bianco Matelassè Bianco
  • Bloom Tortora Bloom Tortora
  • Rose Rose
  • Bloom Azzurro Bloom Azzurro
  • Bloom Rosa Bloom Rosa
  • Star Azzurro Star Azzurro
  • Star Rosa Star Rosa Star Rosa
  • Harmony Bianco Harmony Bianco
  • Lino Rosso Lino Rosso


Favour box, with PVC heart window and side opening, to contain sugared almonds or small objects.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
80 mm 85 mm 30 mm 200 17220

Environmental labels

Symbol Code Description Disposal
PAP21 Non-corrugated cardboard