SEGRETO c/cordini

SEGRETO c/cordini
SEGRETO c/cordini
  • Green Forest Green Forest
  • White Forest White Forest
  • Ginger Bread Ginger Bread
  • Avana Avana
  • Spot Verde Spot Verde
  • Skin Argento Skin Argento
  • Words Words
  • Seta corten Seta corten
  • Constellation Constellation
  • Red Pick Up Red Pick Up Red Pick Up
  • Best Wishes Best Wishes
  • Cristal Cristal
  • Etoile Etoile


Gift box to contain miscellaneous food and wine products, giftware, clothing. In the three biggest formats, it is provided with 2 cardboard pieces to be used as reinforcement for the bottom of the box. Recommended weight: 1/10kg. It is provided with 2 cotton strings 65cm long, with string end, for automatic insertion into the 4 holes present in the box.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
245 mm 245 mm 180 mm 20 37129
245 mm 245 mm 180 mm 20 37129C