wedding party favors
Chantilly bianco

All the elegance and refinement of a traditional wedding are expressed in a harmony of white and silver, paired with the purity of flowers and the freshness of eucalyptus. Our brand-new conical boxes in the Chantilly collection are lovely and versatile, so they can also be used as decorations for the head table. Fleur boxes give space to imagination and creativity and can be used as original favour boxes, place cards and centrepieces. Fleur is ideal for decorating the sugared almond buffet table with a scenic effect: the bottom of the box opens like a blooming flower, becoming a useful container for sugared almonds of all flavours.

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Products in this inspiration

Perla deco argento da app.
Perla deco argento da app. 71806 Details
Targhetta 17416C Details
Quadretto + Fascetta +
Quadretto + Fascetta + 17065 Details
Fleur (senza finestra)
Fleur (senza finestra) 17064 Details
Cono spirale
Cono spirale 17061 Details
Astuccio pvc + ins. 5 confetti
Astuccio pvc + ins. 5 confetti 17060 Details


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