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sky suggestion

A hue like pastel blue, capable of instilling a sense of peace and serenity, is an ideal wedding colour. It is mainly used for summer receptions or seaside locations, but it is also suitable for ceremonies celebrated at the dawning of spring. Used to colour the outside of the new sugared almond boxes, in contrast with a gold interior for added refinement, it is sure to enchant the guests. Without resorting to outlandish gimmicks or pretentious decorations, these boxes can be used to embellish the party favour display, especially when enriched with matching ribbons and accessories. Place some sugared almonds inside the small compartment box, split by shade or flavour, as in a treasure chest. What's new in 2022? A small sugared almond tray that can be assembled with ease and flattened again when the ceremony draws to a close.

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Quadretto c/fascetta + div. new
Quadretto c/fascetta + div. new 17363 Details
Vassoio clip
Vassoio clip 17367 Details
Cesto 17380 Details
Fast 17379 Details
Fleur (senza finestra)
Fleur (senza finestra) 17360 Details
Fiorellini azzurri
Fiorellini azzurri 18254 Details
Fiori azzurri
Fiori azzurri 18541 Details
Cuore oro
Cuore oro 18661 Details

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