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Chantilly rosa

So feminine and chic, pink is undoubtedly the must-have hue for weddings in 2022. Soft and romantic pink is the new neutral colour in the wedding palette. We love pairing it with white and gold accents to create a refined and glamorous effect. Next season features a jewel box suitable for offering five individual sugared almonds as wedding favours. The container exalts the content, shape, but above all refinement, because true luxury lies in the choice of handmade sugared almonds made with unique and fine ingredients. Pink and gold are also featured on the table in elegant Fleur boxes with their precious buttons and refined frayed ribbons, are perfect wedding favours displayed on the table for each guest.

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Perla deco oro da app.
Perla deco oro da app. 71808 Details
Targhetta 17415C Details
Quadretto + Fascetta +
Quadretto + Fascetta + 17071 Details
Fleur (senza finestra)
Fleur (senza finestra) 17069 Details
Astuccio pvc + ins. 5 confetti
Astuccio pvc + ins. 5 confetti 17066 Details

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