treat boxes

The pastel colours of this collection open the door to springtime: mint green embodies genuine freshness, whilst pink represents the nuance of the flowers that come back to brighten the meadows. The matelassé embossing covers all the products of this line: from the chic ribbon closure, to the Fleur box that opens up like a flower in bloom. Even for small sweet delights, appearances matter: a chocolate cannot simply be good, it must also recreate an emotion and entice the person about to buy it. Indeed, the latest trends confirm it: pastry and sweets shops showcase their goods like fine jewellery store windows, and this collection is the most tangible example.

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Products in this inspiration

Targhetta 17624C Details
Fleur (senza finestra)
Fleur (senza finestra) 37510 Details
Fleur (senza finestra)
Fleur (senza finestra) 37635 Details
Chic 37634 Details
Chic 37507 Details
Astuccio con vaschetta
Astuccio con vaschetta 15120 Details
Scotton Spa is a manufacturer, specialized in creating different kind of gift boxes….100% Made in Italy.
Our assortment includes a wide range of confectionery boxes: cake stands, macaron and cupcake boxes. You can choose your favourite packaging!
Clear boxes in pvc or cardboard ones, utmost attention to aesthetic with availability of numerous colours and shapes.