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What are the essential ingredients of quality packaging? Durability, convenience, functionality and recyclability. And the new Avana pastry line has it all, neatly packed together to create a delightful finished product, just like its contents. With its earthy gold hue and its functional design, it complements any pastry delight to perfection. Each shape and size performs a specific function. Moreover, they can be used separately to hold individual products or together to create exceptional showcase presentations. One thing is certain, the wholesome delicacies enclosed within will be protected in a manner worthy of the art of pastry making.

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Products in this inspiration

Vassoio clip
Vassoio clip 39078 Details
Sweetie 39056 Details
Scatola torta automontante
Scatola torta automontante 39050 Details
Quadretto + fascetta + inserto
Quadretto + fascetta + inserto 39047 Details
Lady c/cop. trasparente
Lady c/cop. trasparente 39040 Details
Fondo astuccio uovo
Fondo astuccio uovo 39035 Details
Fondi rialzati
Fondi rialzati 39029 Details
Ballottin 39023 Details
Astuccio c/vaschetta
Astuccio c/vaschetta 39020 Details
Strip 38894 Details
Prestige c/cordini
Prestige c/cordini 38893 Details
Scotton Spa is a manufacturer, specialized in creating different kind of gift boxes….100% Made in Italy.
Our assortment includes a wide range of confectionery boxes: cake stands, macaron and cupcake boxes. You can choose your favourite packaging!
Clear boxes in pvc or cardboard ones, utmost attention to aesthetic with availability of numerous colours and shapes.