pastry box
Fiori di Pesco

To create the new collection of pastry boxes, we were inspired by nature, when as winter ends, the first blossoms appear with the arrival of Spring. The print we chose is the peach blossom, with its delicate shades of pink, enhanced by the yellow background that reminds us of the sun’s timid rays. The peach blossom celebrates the most important festival of Spring: Easter. This collection of boxes is suitable for confectionery products dedicated to the most important spring holiday.

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Products in this inspiration

Cadeaux 36161 Details
Segreto c/cordini
Segreto c/cordini 36163 Details
Vassoio conico
Vassoio conico 36164 Details
Porta Dolce
Porta Dolce 36162 Details
Scotton Spa is a manufacturer, specialized in creating different kind of gift boxes….100% Made in Italy.
Our assortment includes a wide range of confectionery boxes: cake stands, macaron and cupcake boxes. You can choose your favourite packaging!
Clear boxes in pvc or cardboard ones, utmost attention to aesthetic with availability of numerous colours and shapes.