cake stand
Alzate per torta

Cake stands were created to be functional and elegant, useful for preparing an event or a corner in your pastry shop. Made from durable laminated cardboard, they can be assembled in a snap, are easy to move and most importantly, are suitable for all kinds of sweets, savoury snacks or fresh fruit snacks. Their shape, reminiscent of a flower, is discreet and elegant for every occasion. Available in white cardboard, or, for those who love natural tones, Havana.

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Alzata maxi
Alzata maxi 12989 Details
Alzata semplice 3P.
Alzata semplice 3P. 15037 Details
Alzata semplice 2P.
Alzata semplice 2P. 15036 Details
Alzata semplice 1P.
Alzata semplice 1P. 15035 Details
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