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cake box
Spot Marrone

A collection with different formats specially designed for sweet treats like biscuits, pastries, macarons and chocolates. The clear PVC strip offers a tidy view of the products inside, while the cake box enshrines its contents. Featuring brown dotted embossing, some products in this line are embellished with simple hot-stamped gilded profiles. Creativity and imagination meet in each of these boxes, with their technical perfection and their need for practicality. A line that enriches the delicacies they contain and the showcases that display them. Because when the product itself is not enough, you need the right packaging to enhance it, to catch the eyes of the most indulgent customers.

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Products in this inspiration

Quadretto + fascetta + inserto
Quadretto + fascetta + inserto 36933 Details
Quadretto + coperchio c/finestra
Quadretto + coperchio c/finestra 36929 Details
Pronta 36923 Details
Porta paste conico a.
Porta paste conico a. 36917 Details
Scatola torta
Scatola torta 36940 Details
Scotton Spa is a manufacturer, specialized in creating different kinds of gift boxes…100% Made in Italy.