bakery boxes

Elegance is the collection of pastry boxes inspired by the pastel colours of sweets, and particularly of macarons. Soft shades ranging from pink to green are enhanced by the hot stamped gold lines. Created to offer an unforgettable experience composed of colours and sensations that give importance to birthdays, weddings and any moment that requires something sweet. The shape and colour of the boxes have been conceived to be more than functional containers, to be displayed instead to create gorgeous showcases in beautiful pastry shops.

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Ballottin 36223 Details
Quadretto + Fascetta + Ins.
Quadretto + Fascetta + Ins. 36230 Details
Quadretto + Fascetta + Ins.
Quadretto + Fascetta + Ins. 36229 Details
Astuccio con vaschetta
Astuccio con vaschetta 36220 Details
Scotton Spa is a manufacturer, specialized in creating different kinds of gift boxes…100% Made in Italy.