The production of embossed and printed cardboard is Scotton’s characterising and exclusive key element. Produced with latest generation high-tech machinery guaranteeing precision and control at every stage of the processing, the distinct relief effect combines technical know-how and aesthetic taste. Being able to propose various types of embossing, ensures that demands from the most varied commodity sectors are satisfied, by providing unique and incomparable boxes.


The “Made in Italy”. he whole productive chain is based on a product development process that takes place totally within the company, a process that starts with the idea and the drawing, to then continue with experimentation, followed by the printing and different processing stages, through to storage and shipment. A total production control helps in attaining the highest qualitative standards, extolling Scotton as ambassador of the value and prestige of “Made in Italy” throughout the world.


The last stage prior to shipping - storage of the finished product in a 23-metre high, completely automated warehouse, able to store up to 11,400 pallets - allows computerised stock availability management, guaranteeing precise and speedy delivery. The work of qualified personnel seals the perfection of the automatic procedure by comparing ready work orders with the orders to be dealt with.