SEGRETO c/cordini

SEGRETO c/cordini
SEGRETO c/cordini
  • Toile de Jouy Fucsia Toile de Jouy Fucsia
  • Toile de Jouy Verdino Toile de Jouy Verdino
  • Pelle bianco Pelle bianco Pelle bianco
  • Fiore di Pesco Fiore di Pesco
  • Flowers Flowers


Gift box to contain miscellaneous food and wine products, giftware, clothing. In the three biggest formats, it is provided with 2 cardboard pieces to be used as reinforcement for the bottom of the box. Recommended weight: 1/10kg.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
200 mm 200 mm 180 mm 20 15167
220 mm 220 mm 230 mm 20 15168
235 mm 335 mm 140 mm 20 15243
335 mm 235 mm 140 mm 20 15243C

Environmental labels

Symbol Code Description Disposal
PAP20 Corrugated cardboard
TEX62 Textile materials
other than cotton and jute