F/c-dp easy

F/c-dp easy
F/c-dp easy
  • Spot Blu Spot Blu
  • Skin Oro Skin Oro
  • Avana Avana
  • Skin Desert Skin Desert
  • Seta bordeaux Seta bordeaux
  • Seta nero Seta nero
  • Matelasse' Azzurro Matelasse' Azzurro
  • Matelassè Rosa Matelassè Rosa
  • Linea tortora Linea tortora Linea tortora
  • Spot Verde Spot Verde
  • Skin Argento Skin Argento
  • Sfere bianco Sfere bianco
  • Sfere oro Sfere oro
  • Holly Holly
  • Harmony Bianco Harmony Bianco
  • Lino Rosso Lino Rosso
  • Cristal Cristal
  • Etoile Etoile


Gift box, with lid, for miscellaneous food and wine products, giftware, clothing. The patented bottom assembly system enables a quick and intuitive assembly. Reinforced, resistant, and durable structure.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
380 mm 260 mm 130 mm 10 34489
455 mm 320 mm 150 mm 10 36142

Environmental labels

Symbol Code Description Disposal
PAP20 Corrugated cardboard