Cantinetta 6 bott.

Cantinetta 6 bott.
Cantinetta 6 bott.
  • Spot Blu Spot Blu
  • Skin Oro Skin Oro
  • Avana Avana
  • Skin Coffee Skin Coffee
  • Skin Vinaccia Skin Vinaccia
  • Sacco Sacco
  • Juta blu Juta blu
  • Seta verde Seta verde
  • Seta rosso Seta rosso
  • Seta bordeaux Seta bordeaux
  • Seta nero Seta nero
  • Seta oro Seta oro
  • Matelasse' cuoio Matelasse' cuoio
  • Onda 1.0 avana Onda 1.0 avana
  • Pelle bianco Pelle bianco
  • Pelle marrone Pelle marrone
  • Pelle nero Pelle nero Pelle nero
  • Linea tortora Linea tortora
  • Linea verde Linea verde
  • Tela neutro Tela neutro
  • Tela bluette Tela bluette
  • Multicolor Multicolor


Gift box for 6 Bordeaux or Burgundy-type bottles, or miscellaneous food and wine products. Front opening. It is made of coupled cardboard, and comes with a bottle divider that can be inserted after assembly.


Length Width Height Pcs/Package Code
340 mm 560 mm 90 mm 30 33723
340 mm 560 mm 90 mm 360 33723H

Environmental labels

Symbol Code Description Disposal
PAP20 Corrugated cardboard