The celebration of a sacrament like First Communion and Confirmation is an event that deserves to be remembered. In this section we present ideas and suggestions to celebrate a sacred event with a contemporary style, from favours to the sugared almonds buffet.

Pinstripes cover the line of boxes designed by Florentina for First Communion and Confirmation. The white and dove grey striped pattern on the entire collection was chosen in neutral tones suited to the construction of favour packages for both boys and girls. One of the most important models is the cubic cardboard sugared almond box, formed by interlocking shapes that create a play of solids and voids enhancing the stylised dove, chalice or angel. An alternative to the sugared almond box is the kneeling angel in a pose reminiscent of Christian iconography. Sweet and delicate, but also decorative, a jute bow can be added to the angel’s robe. To decorate the sugared almond buffet with dramatic flair, we designed the "Fleur" box that opens like a flower for arranging sugared almonds of all flavours. You can customise the tag inserted in the front to make it a unique and original article. The entire "Pinstripe" line naturally includes accessories that leave space for ideas and creativity of those who want to make this event unique and special.