The celebration of a sacrament like First Communion and Confirmation is an event that deserves to be remembered. In this section we present ideas and suggestions to celebrate a sacred event with a contemporary style, from favours to the sugared almonds buffet.

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In c/cordino calice int. oro
In c/cordino calice int. oro 17630 Details
In c/cordino angelo int. oro
In c/cordino angelo int. oro 17629 Details
In c/cordino colomba int. oro
In c/cordino colomba int. oro 17631 Details
When it comes to a religious event like Confirmation and First Communion, it is important to balance the desire to celebrate with the sobriety the Sacrament requires. In the model "IN with cord", the Gold collection combines all the purity of white with the brilliance of gold, in a play of solids and voids that highlights the most important symbols of Communion. The dove, the chalice and the angel have deep significance in the Catholic faith. Here, they stand out against the gold on all four sides. These boxes are perfect as favours for friends and relatives, but are also suitable to prepare the sugared almond buffet with the name of the child being celebrated.