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The fragrance of wood

When the scent of wood combines with the essence of wine...

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Shopping Box Cordino 1 Bott.
Shopping Box Cordino 1 Bott. 36829 Details
Segreto 36824 Details
Scat. 2 Bottiglie F.
Scat. 2 Bottiglie F. 36821 Details
Scat. 1 bottiglia C/Maniglia F.
Scat. 1 bottiglia C/Maniglia F. 36820 Details
Cantinetta 3 bott.
Cantinetta 3 bott. 36807 Details
Cantinetta 2 bott.
Cantinetta 2 bott. 36806 Details
Cantinetta 36805 Details
Stroll the hills among ancient abodes and vineyards to the discovery of the authentic flavours of the land. Oak casks rest in the cellar where the ruby-red wine waits patiently to be bottled. In the dimly lit cellar, you feel you’re entering another world, one where time seems to stand still. Wood transfers its essences to the wine, bestowing on it rounder and smoother flavours. The aromas of the two elements combine, exuding a precious and refined essence that is diffused in the surrounding environment. This atmosphere inspired us to create Wood, Scotton’s new line of bottle boxes for for the wine sector. This special collection expresses the special connection between wood and wine and aims to be as natural as possible. It is an innovative approach with special attention to detail, the fruit of years of experience in the food & wine sector. Wood is the name of our new line made of laminated cardboard whose texture recalls the feel of wood. The collection includes a broad selection of models for packaging bottles both vertically and horizontally. Packaging with an elegant and minimalist design, and a compact size that make it suitable for any environment. The warm tones shared by all the items of this collection harmonise perfectly with all types of rooms: from wineries, to wine shops offering tastings, to contemporary wine clubs. A line of products dedicated to the history of wine, to those who produce it and to the close connection with the land. Technique and innovation combine, confirming the serious and passionate work that is also expressed in other Scotton collections, but that is further confirmed in Wood.