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Green trend

The intense green of a lush forest for environmentally friendly packaging.

"Green" doesn’t only indicate a trend but has also become part of our everyday language, demonstrating that the importance of eco-sustainability has touched us all in recent years. Environmental sustainability concerns a variety of fields, from food to clothing, to lifestyle and even the world of packaging.  Scotton has always felt a sense of responsibility to the environment, which has always been one of our cornerstones. That’s why we have created a collection of bottle boxes all inspired by nature for the wine sector. The intense green of the eucalyptus line reminds us of the green of a lush forest or a botanical garden. So, what could be more “Green” than a cardboard package for wine? Simply choose the type of box that best suits your packaging needs, from one to six bottles. Here is our proposal for eco-friendly packaging dedicated to the wine world, with which Scotton expresses a renewed need to get closer to nature.