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Christmas packages


Our gift boxes for Christmas packages are part of a long tradition at Scotton, created to enhance gifts during the most magical time of year.
Boxes, baskets and cases in different colours and prints, made of laminated cardboard and large enough to contain the traditional Italian panettone together with a bottle of wine, or for Christmas food baskets.

In the frenzy preceding the holidays, we often decide to buy fine food products to offer to friends and relatives. Such gifts are usually welcome because they are perfect for sharing at lunches and dinners with guests. But we know that the eye should be pleased too, so how can such offerings be best packaged? One of our innovations of 2018 is a selection of Christmas gift boxes, available in a variety of formats and models that are reminiscent of the winter season and perfect for the Christmas atmosphere. From eucalyptus green quilted textures to the ones of the Wood line , reminiscent of wood, to the Chalet line with a snowy woods print. All boxes in the collections are made of strong laminated cardboard and are ideal for presenting and spotlighting the delectable products they contain.