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Matrimonio Contemporaneo

Today's weddings are coordinated in every detail, making the choice of colour a fundamental decision. That’s why Florentina proposes many colourful collections, from the softer to the boldest, to express the spirit of every ceremony, whether traditional or modern. Sand tones and tropical leaf-shaped decorations transform our boxes into ideal sugared almond holders for jungle-style ceremonies with contemporary appeal. Sea-themed weddings can feature nautical blue or a more delicate sand hue. The extra touch will be provided by the many accessories offered in the marine collection, with wheels, fishing nets and small boats that will carry your memories back to that day.

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Barca con adesivo
Barca con adesivo 18663 Details
Timone con adesivo
Timone con adesivo 18662 Details
Set 12 foglie c/adesivo
Set 12 foglie c/adesivo 18656 Details
Vaso con cordino
Vaso con cordino 16923 Details
Borsa farfalla
Borsa farfalla 16892 Details
Teatro 16431 Details
Sacchetto 16381 Details
Cartella 13586 Details
Fondo + cop.
Fondo + cop. 13510 Details

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