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Bottle boxes

A variety of exclusive bottle boxes to preserve precious products of the land like wine, oil, grappa and liqueurs.
Boxes made of either folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard. Vertical and horizontal solutions designed to protect the bottle during transport and to present it beautifully. Elegant embossing creates a contemporary flair for a unique packaging experience made entirely in Italy.

Those who work in the wine sector might easily end up choosing just two or three traditional box models commonly used to package wines or spirits. Scotton, however, offers a wide variety of bottle boxes designed for both horizontal and vertical packaging. Exclusive containers whose lines, volumes and materials take shape to create an original product design. The collections include a wide variety of models designed for up to three bottles. We offer 16 models available in a broad colour assortment. Scotton’s added value lies in its wide range of embossing options, reminiscent of the textures of fine fabrics and leathers. The warm colour palette is designed to harmonise with all types of interiors: from wine shops with an atmosphere typical of traditional osterias, to more contemporary wineries where wine goes hand-in-hand with tastings. The added value of our bottle boxes is the strength of the cardboard and its excellent quality. Last but not least, they can be customised with your logo to create a unique and original piece.